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Kimi Miyamoto <3
21 December 2014 @ 07:08 pm
You are entering the world of a Visual Kei Fangirl.
You have been greatly warned.

FO Banner Credit: jrockxstar.

Friends Only: Comment to Be Added
1. I love making friends though.
2. I am a huge fangirl of Visual Kei
3. I update very frequently at times
4. Visual Kei means the world to me

5. Takeru is my hero. Deal with it k?

Name (Basically, what can I call you?):
How did you find me?
What do we have in common?
Tell me something about yourself.
Why do you want to add me?

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Kimi Miyamoto <3
01 May 2015 @ 06:30 pm
I decided to get a new LJ account. My new one is tomruinedmylife, and I hope you guys will add me. I do plan on deleting this one. I just have to move everything over to my new LJ first before I do that. :3 I'm still working on getting it set up and all that so bare with me~
Kimi Miyamoto <3
06 March 2015 @ 04:01 pm
Anyone who does not follow the rules on my friends only entry gets banned. I don't care if you and I like the same things either. My rules are that I do NOT add random people. If you can't take the time to read my friends only entry enough to understand what my journal is about, then I have no reason to add you. If you still want to add me, follow the rules of my friends only entry and then I will think about adding you. Nothing annoys more than having random people add me, especially when you have no idea who I am or what I write about.
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Kimi Miyamoto <3
07 October 2014 @ 11:45 am
I wanted to share it because I think this what my ASD is. Yes, I know it's not an official diagnosis, but it does fit me in a lot of ways though.

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Some of them are a bit personal but... yeah.
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Kimi Miyamoto <3
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I am autistic. I am not a tragedy or a burden. I do not need a cure, and I am also not a monster either. I have amazing friends who love me for who I am and even have the most awesome boyfriend in the entire universe. I love him with all my heart! I am a writer, and I can use it to express myself in ways that other people are baffled by. Still think I'm a tragedy autism speaks? None of my friends or boyfriend fear me because they know I'm a loving, caring and funny person. I care about people, and I am most certainly not a dronless zombie.

I love Matt Smith, Tom Hiddleston, David Tennant, Troy Baker and David Desrosiers. I love music, especially Simple Plan. I also love Doctor Who and My Little Pony. I am NOT afraid to be myself and show people what I am like or what I can do. Your words about me being a burden to my parents or a tragedy are nothing but lies and misinformation about people. Autism is not cancer. It doesn't kill a child, nor does it cause children to become dead or lost.

It is a way of life. It is a huge part of my life and makes me who I am. If it wasn't for having autism, I never would have learned to accept people regardless of what they have or what they are. Stop making people like me look bad because you're only making a fool of yourself and lying to others!
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Kimi Miyamoto <3
08 November 2013 @ 02:43 pm
So, for my story... I've been researching Dyspraxia. I found something for Dyspraxia in adults and as I was looking for some symptoms to use for my character... I notice that these symptoms apply to me. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Self-diagnosis is bad. Don't do it. That's the thing. Normally, I wouldn't self-diagnose unless I know I have something positively.

Here I'll show you what I mean:

Gross motor co-ordination skills (large movements):

  • Poor balance. Difficulty in riding a bicycle, going up and down hills

  • Poor posture and fatigue. Difficulty in standing for a long time as a result of weak muscle tone. Floppy, unstable round the joints. Some people with dyspraxia may have flat feet

  • Poor integration of the two sides of the body. Difficulty with some sports involving jumping and cycling

  • Poor hand-eye co-ordination. Difficulty with team sports especially those which involve catching a ball and batting. Difficulties with driving a car

  • Lack of rhythm when dancing, doing aerobics

  • Clumsy gait and movement. Difficulty changing direction, stopping and starting actions

  • Exaggerated ‘accessory movements’ such as flapping arms when running

  • Tendency to fall, trip, bump into things and people

Fine motor co-ordination skills (small movements):

  • Lack of manual dexterity. Poor at two-handed tasks, causing problems with using cutlery, cleaning, cooking, ironing, craft work, playing musical instruments

  • Poor manipulative skills. Difficulty with typing, handwriting and drawing. May have a poor pen grip, press too hard when writing and have difficulty when writing along a line

  • Inadequate grasp. Difficulty using tools and domestic implements, locks and keys

  • Difficulty with dressing and grooming activities, such as putting on makeup, shaving, doing hair, fastening clothes and tying shoelaces

  • Poorly established hand dominance:

  • May use either hand for different tasks at different times

Speech and language:

  • May talk continuously and repeat themselves. Some people with dyspraxia have difficulty with organising the content and sequence of their language

  • May have unclear speech and be unable to pronounce some words

  • Speech may have uncontrolled pitch, volume and rate

Eye movements:

  • Tracking. Difficulty in following a moving object smoothly with eyes without moving head excessively. Tendency to lose the place while reading

  • Poor relocating. Cannot look quickly and effectively from one object to another (for example, looking from a TV to a magazine)

Perception (interpretation of the different senses):

  • Poor visual perception

  • Over-sensitive to light

  • Difficulty in distinguishing sounds from background noise. Tendency to be over-sensitive to noise

  • Over- or under-sensitive to touch. Can result in dislike of being touched and/or aversion to over-loose or tight clothing – tactile defensiveness

  • Over- or under-sensitive to smell and taste, temperature and pain (Under sensitive to pain/over sensitive to temperature)

  • Lack of awareness of body position in space and spatial relationships. Can result in bumping into and tripping over things and people, dropping and spilling things

  • Little sense of time, speed, distance or weight. Leading to difficulties driving, cooking

  • Inadequate sense of direction. Difficulty distinguishing right from left means map reading skills are poor (This is rather mild or borderline. If I'm not paying attention, I do have a hard time distinguishing between right and left, but not always? If that makes sense... lol)

Learning, thought and memory:

  • Difficulty in planning and organising thought

  • Poor memory, especially short-term memory. May forget and lose things

  • Unfocused and erratic. Can be messy and cluttered

  • Poor sequencing causes problems with maths, reading and spelling and writing reports at work

  • Accuracy problems. Difficulty with copying sounds, writing, movements, proofreading

  • Difficulty in following instructions, especially more than one at a time

  • Difficulty with concentration. May be easily distracted

  • May do only one thing at a time properly, though may try to do many things at once

  • Slow to finish a task. May daydream and wander about aimlessly

Emotion and behaviour:

  • Difficulty in listening to people, especially in large groups. Can be tactless, interrupt frequently. Problems with team work

  • Difficulty in picking up non-verbal signals or in judging tone or pitch of voice in themselves and or others. Tendency to take things literally. May listen but not understand

  • Slow to adapt to new or unpredictable situations. Sometimes avoids them altogether

  • Impulsive. Tendency to be easily frustrated, wanting immediate gratification

  • Tendency to be erratic ñ have ‘good and bad days’

  • Tendency to opt out of things that are too difficult

Emotions as a result of difficulties experienced:

  • Tend to get stressed, depressed and anxious easily

  • May have difficulty sleeping

  • Prone to low self-esteem, emotional outbursts, phobias, fears, obsessions, compulsions and addictive behaviour

What I want to ask you guys is... do you think I should talk to my doctor and psychiatrist about this? I don't know if it's something worth bringing up. Most of the time, they'll just say it's part of the autism. I'd have to explain why I feel I might have this. It's just difficult to explain, but you would think with that many symptoms in me, that it's obvious, right?

So, what should I do?

I'm making this public so I can show my friends and other people to get their opinions.

Also, I was telling my friend about it and explaining to him. I made some good points I want to share that hopefully I can tell my doctor or psychiatrist.

[2:50:01 PM] Kimi-chan: I mean, I can't even drive, I can't hold down a job either. I literally stand there and find it difficult just to follow through a task at hand. Another thing about me is that, you can only give me one task a time. You can't tell to do the laundry then clean my room then wash the dishes. I'll get lost in direction after the first task I have to do and stand there in panic because I don't know what I'm supposed to do next. You have to direct me to each task and remind me what I'm doing each time, or it will never get done.
[2:52:33 PM | Edited 2:53:09 PM] Kimi-chan: That and I also notice that I can't do things my parents ask. Such as cleaning messes or keeping my room clean. Those tasks go right over my head unless you remind me constantly every single day or even minute to keep things clean and tidy. When it comes to cleaning, vacuuming and washing dishes... it's like my brain locks up on me and crashes, like a computer does. I just can't do those tasks, even though I have no problem actually doing them. Like, I can do them, but for some reason... my brain isn't connecting the idea of knowing how to doing them in order for me to just... do them.
[2:54:01 PM] Kimi-chan: People often get after me about that too. They don't understand that it's hard for me to apply knowing how to do something to actually doing it. They're always like, "You know you can do it, so why can't you?" and it frustrates me. My parents say that to me a lot too.
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