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The trump card I had saved until the end was you

Do you know what I mean?

Kimi Miyamoto <3
3 October 1988
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the amazing hero
I love you lots and lots hero!
My name is Kimi. I was born on October3rd 1988. I am diagnosed with autism, which does NOT make me stupid in anyway. I am also pro-vaccine, pro-disability rights and anti-cure. I consider myself to be a self-advocate for not only autistics, but for other people who are disabled or ‘differently-abled’. I can often be very loud and crazy. I also swear at times, usually when I get excited or angry. I am a huge child at heart, and I am in love with Disney Junior as well.

I love to stand out just like my hero Takeru does. I am an amateur artist and intermediate writer. Writing helps me express myself in many ways that verbal and emotional expression can’t. I also happen to adore cats and love the soda coke. I do not like pepsi products at all. I am a huge visual kei addict, and I have a huge thing for visual kei vocalists, though I do love others as well (ex. guitarists like Kazuki (SCREW) and Mizuki (Sadie), bass players like Saga (Alice Nine) and Kanon (an Cafe) and drummers like Jin (SCREW) and Nao (Alice Nine) too).

I also have very severe anxiety mostly due to autism, ADHD, developmental/learning delays as well as psychiatric/mental issues as well. I also believe that I might have Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia too, but I can’t be diagnosed with them as it will fuck up my disability income through social security. I also feel like a child trapped in the body of an adult. It is often hard for me to see myself as an older person. People often treat me like I’m older though and fail to realize that I’m really just a child who’s trapped inside.

As you can tell, Takeru is my hero. This is for a variety of reasons. You can find those reasons in the blurb of my LJ. I love him to death, and he always makes me really happy. I don't know what I would do without him. I just can't bare the thought of losing him, but I know he will never let me down either. He is the most amazing hero ever, and I just adore him. Yes, I do have a huge fangirl crush on him too. Kind of obvious there, don't you think? :P
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